Payment link

Generate a payment link directly from your PayU account and start selling by email, chat or social media.

Ideal for businesses

looking to sell online without their own website

aiming to expand their sales channels through chats or social media

running remotely through the owner’s phone

Benefits of Payment Link

  • Enable various payment methods

    Enable various payment methods

    Expand the scope of your business by receiving credit, debit, cash and / or bank transfer payments.

    Sell without a website

    Sell without a website

    No need to invest in owning a website. Sell through any channel that allows you to paste a link, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Receive payments quickly and easily

    Receive payments quickly and easily

    Collecting payments has never been so time- or cost-efficient

  • No tech knowledge required

    No tech knowledge required

    Our Payment Link solution is already integrated in your PayU account.

    Run your business through your phone

    Run your business through your phone

    Generate the Payment Link through your account in our PayU Biz app and manage your business directly from your phone.

    Receive real-time notifications

    Receive real-time notifications

    As soon as the payment is made you receive a notification and can deliver your product or service with ease.

¿How does Payment Link work?